Introduction to Financial Coaching Program (IFC)

  Days One and Two:  Overview of Coaching:  
  This two day session gives an overview of the coaching skill set, and provides experiential, high-impact practice sessions that give you skills you can apply immediately. Theme for this session: Empowering vs. Enabling the Relationship.  
  Days Three and Four: Resistance into Power  
  This two day session explores the reason clients resist and avoid taking action regarding the circumstances in their lives.  We will explore topics such as limiting beliefs, facts vs. feelings, and Victim Talk. We will also play the Cashflow 101® game after a dinner break. Cashflow 101® is a cutting-edge board game that teaches the principles of financial literacy in a fun, easy to understand way.  
  Days 5 & 6: I ³, Integration/Implementation/Impact  
  This two day session integrates the previous sessions and includes goal setting, game planning, and concrete and creative tools for facilitating and sustaining action and momentum with clients.  
  Group Coaching  
  The Introduction to Financial Coaching Program not only gives participants an overview of the Financial Coaching process, it also gives participants an opportunity to test coaching skills in a supportive environment.  Group coaching occurs via tele-conference call.  Group Coaching occurs in between trainings and includes networked learning, action and accountability.  Participants will leave each call with homework from their action plan.

Group coaching invokes two of the most powerful levels of individual change: accountability and networked learning.  People are accountable for applying the skills and behaviors because they will have to talk about them, and commit to them, on a regular basis.  This leads to new habits and new financial results.Networked learners can give each other support, help, and advice, so that anyone’s experience can become everyone’s learning.  Behavioral change becomes less about doing what they learned in training, and more about supporting their own, and each other’s work in an ongoing and powerful way.
  What previous clients are saying about the Introduction to Financial Coaching Program:  
“These skills have become so very important in my work and in my life.”
“This is the most powerful skill set I have ever experienced!”
“The time was absolutely well spent and I feel energized. I will 100% recommend this experience to others.”
“Coaching is a comprehensive frame and structure that can move people towards their goals in an efficient, client driven process. There were lots of great skills and structure, putting them all together for a client was definitely the most powerful.”
“Clients are showing up differently. They are definitely more engaged and alive. “
“It’s going to help make my appointments shorter and make them more responsible for what they are able to do.”
“We have tightened/strengthened our program so that we have program agreements and we have raised our expectation level of our clients. “
“Outstanding, my life has changed because of it (this program).”
“This program was creative, powerful, efficient and seamless. It moved along well and never felt forced or out of order. The materials were very thorough and user-friendly. It is challenging to provide a new paradigm to a very diverse set of individuals and it always felt personal and relevant. Both of the trainers were informed, open, flexible, and dedicated to our learning.”
“Veronica and Paige: I just want to thank you for all the insights you shared with us. Your professionalism stands out and speaks for itself. You did a great job by bringing the best in each participant in each meeting. “
“Thank you for a great training!”